Salmonella phages

Salmonella phages were extracted from the list of complete bacteriophages genomes. We are using the Description field from the GenBank file to extract the type of phages, if the word “Salmonella” does not appear in the description field we will not have extracted it.

The full interactive heat map for phages we have identified as infecting Salmonella based on their description in Genbank header is here 

Salmonella phage ~ANI


Table of names and accession numbers

AM491472Salmonella phage E1
AY052766Salmonella typhimurium bacteriophage ST64T
AY055382Salmonella typhimurium phage ST64B
AY730274Salmonella phage SS3e
AY736146Salmonella typhimurium bacteriophage ES18,
DQ003260Salmonella phage SE1
EF177456Salmonella phage SETP3
EU547803Salmonella phage phiSG-JL2
EU570103Salmonella phage epsilon34
FJ000341Salmonella phage g341c
FQ312032Salmonella phage Vi01
FR667955Salmonella phage Vi06
GU070616Salmonella phage PVP-SE1
GU573886Salmonella phage ST160
HE775250Salmonella phage vB_SenS-Ent1
HG934469Salmonella phage vB_SenS-Ent2
HG934470Salmonella phage vB_SenS-Ent3
HM770079Salmonella phage RE-2010
HM997019Salmonella phage 7-11
HQ259103Salmonella phage SFP10
HQ331142Salmonella phage S16
JF461087Salmonella phage FO1a
JF900176Salmonella phage SPN9CC
JN126049Salmonella phage PhiSH19
JN391180Salmonella phage SPN1S
JN641803Salmonella phage SPN3US
JN871591Salmonella phage SPN19
JQ007353Salmonella phage SE2
JQ288021Salmonella phage SPN3UB
JQ691610Salmonella phage SPN9TCW
JQ806763Salmonella phage vB_SemP_Emek
JQ806764Salmonella phage vB_SosS_Oslo
JQ965645Salmonella phage SSU5
JX181814Salmonella phage SBA-1781, partial genome.
JX181815Salmonella phage SBA-1781, partial genome.
JX181816Salmonella phage SBA-1781, partial genome.
JX181817Salmonella phage SBA-1781, partial genome.
JX181822Salmonella phage SPT-1, partial genome.
JX181823Salmonella phage SPT-1, partial genome.
JX181824Salmonella phage SSE-121
JX181825Salmonella phage STML-198
JX181828Salmonella phage STML-13-1, partial genome.
JX181829Salmonella phage SKML-39
JX202565Salmonella phage wksl3
JX233783Salmonella phage ST4, partial genome.
JX297445Salmonella phage vB_SenS_AG11
KC139511Salmonella phage FSL SP-101, partial genome.
KC139512Salmonella phage FSL SP-088
KC139513Salmonella phage FSL SP-126, partial genome.
KC139514Salmonella phage FSL SP-039
KC139515Salmonella phage FSL SP-124
KC139516Salmonella phage FSL SP-016, partial genome.
KC139517Salmonella phage FSL SP-058
KC139518Salmonella phage FSL SP-031
KC139519Salmonella phage FSL SP-030
KC139520Salmonella phage FSL SP-076
KC139521Salmonella phage FSL SP-004
KC677662Salmonella phage iEPS5
KC832325Salmonella phage L13
KC911856Salmonella phage SPC32H
KC911857Salmonella phage SPC32N
KF148055Salmonella phage Jersey
KF562864Salmonella phage SETP13
KF562865Salmonella phage SETP7
KF669653Salmonella phage Marshall
KF669654Salmonella phage Maynard
KF879864UNVERIFIED:Salmonella phage KK-2013, partial genome.
KJ000058Salmonella phage STP4-a
KJ174317Salmonella phage vB_SalM_SJ2
KJ174318Salmonella phage vB_SalM_SJ3
KJ802832Salmonella phage 9NA
KM236244Salmonella phage Stitch
KM272358Salmonella phage LSPA1
KM366096Salmonella phage BP12A
KM366097Salmonella phage BP12B
KM366098Salmonella phage BP12C
KM366099Salmonella phage BP63
KM458633Salmonella phage Chi
KP010413Salmonella phage vB_SPuM_SP116
KP143762Salmonella phage Mushroom
KP143763Salmonella phage Shivani
KP797973Salmonella phage Det7
KR091942Salmonella phage 18-India
KR233164Salmonella phage NR01
KR270151Salmonella phage f18SE
KR296684Salmonella phage 19
KR296685Salmonella phage 21
KR296686Salmonella phage 22
KR296687Salmonella phage 25
KR296688Salmonella phage 34
KR296689Salmonella phage 35
KR296690Salmonella phage 36
KR296691Salmonella phage 37
KR296692Salmonella phage 38
KR296693Salmonella phage 39
KR296694Salmonella phage 40
KR296695Salmonella phage 41
KT630644Salmonella phage SEN1
KT630645Salmonella phage SEN4
KT630646Salmonella phage SEN5
KT630647Salmonella phage SEN8
KT630648Salmonella phage SEN22
KT630649Salmonella phage SEN34
KT881477Salmonella phage fSE4S
KT962832Salmonella phage fSE1C
KU760857Salmonella phage SJ46
KU867307Salmonella phage vB_SnwM_CGG4-1
KU878967Salmonella phage 118970_sal4
KU927491Salmonella phage 146851_sal5
KU927492Salmonella phage 146851_sal4
KU927493Salmonella phage 118970_sal3
KU927494Salmonella Phage 103203_sal5
KU927495Salmonella phage 103203_sal4
KU927496Salmonella phage 101962B_sal5
KU927497Salmonella phage 100268_sal2
KU927498Salmonella phage 64795_sal4
KU927500Salmonella phage 118970_sal1
KU951146Salmonella phage f2SE
KU951147Salmonella phage f3SE
KX015770Salmonella phage phSE-2
KX015771Salmonella phage phSE-5
KX017520Salmonella phage 64795_sal3
KX017521Salmonella phage 118970_sal2
KX171211Salmonella phage vB_SenM-2
KX245012Salmonella phage GG32
KX245013Salmonella phage MA12
KX405002Salmonella phage BPS11Q3
KX405003Salmonella phage BPS15Q2
KX438380Salmonella phage vB_SalM_PM10
KX452699Salmonella phage KPN6 genomic sequence.
KX523699Salmonella phage IME207
KX776161Salmonella phage UPF_BP1
KX826077Salmonella phage UPF_BP2
KX987158Salmonella phage vB_SenS_Sasha
KY000003Salmonella phage STP07
KY002061Salmonella phage vB_SenS_Sergei
KY114934Salmonella phage SP01
KY176369Salmonella phage STP03
KY379853Salmonella phage LPSE1
KY626162Salmonella phage Si3
KY626163Salmonella phage SE40
KY630163Salmonella phage S8
KY653237Salmonella phage alphaalpha
KY657202Salmonella phage GJL01
KY709687Salmonella phage 29485
KY775452Salmonella phage Stp1 contig.00002 genomic sequence.
KY775453Salmonella phage Stp1 contig.00003 genomic sequence.
KY860935Salmonella phage LPST10
KY926791Salmonella phage SE1
KY979109Salmonella phage SHP1
LT714109Salmonella virus BTP1 genome assembly, chromosome: BTP1.
MF001354Salmonella phage SG1, partial genome.
MF001356Salmonella phage SG2, partial genome.
MF001362Salmonella phage SP1, partial genome.
MF001363Salmonella phage SH9, partial genome.
MF001364Salmonella phage ST3, partial genome.
MF001366Salmonella phage ST1, partial genome.
MF158036Salmonella phage St161
MF158037Salmonella phage St162
MF188997Salmonella phage vB_SalP_PM43
MF370225Salmonella phage ST11
MF431252Salmonella phage vB_SenS_PVP-SE2
MF681663Salmonella phage LVR16A, partial genome.
MF774687Salmonella phage SP1 clone contig.00001 genomic sequence.
MF774688Salmonella phage SP1 clone contig.00002 genomic sequence.
MF774689Salmonella phage SP1 clone contig.00003 genomic sequence.
MF957259Salmonella phage Melville
MG241338Salmonella phage YSP2
MG251391Salmonella virus VSe11
MG251392Salmonella virus VSe102
MG387042Salmonella phage SP3, partial genome.
MG407615Salmonella phage Bp96115, partial genome.
MG428992Salmonella phage Mutine
MG646668Salmonella phage BPS11T2
MG646669Salmonella phage BPS17W1
MG646670Salmonella phage BPS15S6
MG646671Salmonella phage BPS17S6
MG646672Salmonella phage BPS17L1
NC_001421Salmonella virus PRD1
NC_004313Salmonella phage ST64B
NC_006940Salmonella phage SS3e
NC_009232Salmonella phage SETP3
NC_010391Salmonella phage Fels-1
NC_010495Salmonella phage E1
NC_010807Salmonella phage phiSG-JL2
NC_011802Salmonella enterica bacteriophage SE1
NC_011976Salmonella phage epsilon34
NC_013059Salmonella phage c341
NC_014900Salmonella phage ST160
NC_015271Salmonella phage Vi06
NC_015296Salmonella phage Vi01
NC_015938Salmonella phage 7-11
NC_016071Salmonella phage PVP-SE1
NC_016073Salmonella phage SFP10
NC_016761Salmonella phage SPN1S
NC_016763Salmonella phage SE2
NC_017985Salmonella phage SPN9CC
NC_018275Salmonella phage vB_SemP_Emek
NC_018279Salmonella phage vB_SosS_Oslo
NC_018843Salmonella phage SSU5
NC_019417Salmonella phage SPN19
NC_019488Salmonella phage RE-2010
NC_019530Salmonella phage PhiSH19
NC_019539Salmonella phage vB_SenS-Ent1
NC_019545Salmonella phage SPN3UB
NC_019910Salmonella phage SKML-39
NC_020416Salmonella phage S16
NC_021317Salmonella phage L13
NC_021772Salmonella phage FSL SP-058
NC_021774Salmonella phage FSL SP-004
NC_021775Salmonella phage FSL SP-031
NC_021777Salmonella phage Jersey
NC_021779Salmonella phage FSL SP-030
NC_021780Salmonella phage FSL SP-088
NC_021782Salmonella phage FSL SP-076
NC_021783Salmonella phage iEPS5
NC_022752Salmonella phage SETP13
NC_022754Salmonella phage SETP7
NC_022768Salmonella phage Maynard
NC_022772Salmonella phage Marshall
NC_023608Salmonella phage vB_SenS-Ent2
NC_023856Salmonella phage vB_SalM_SJ2
NC_024122Salmonella phage vB_SalM_SJ3
NC_024204Salmonella phage vB_SenS-Ent3
NC_025442Salmonella phage Chi
NC_025443Salmonella phage 9NA
NC_026017Salmonella phage LSPA1
NC_026607Salmonella phage STP4-a
NC_027119Salmonella phage Det7
NC_027297Salmonella phage Stitch
NC_027329Salmonella phage vB_SPuM_SP116
NC_027344Salmonella phage STML-198
NC_027351Salmonella phage SSE-121
NC_027402Salmonella phage SPN3US
NC_028696Salmonella phage SEN22
NC_028698Salmonella phage f18SE
NC_028699Salmonella phage SEN34
NC_028701Salmonella phage SEN5
NC_028754Salmonella phage Shivani
NC_029003Salmonella phage SEN1
NC_029015Salmonella phage SEN4
NC_029042Salmonella phage 38
NC_029045Salmonella phage 37
NC_029050Salmonella phage 21
NC_029071Salmonella phage 36
NC_029072Salmonella phage 19
NC_030919Salmonella phage 118970_sal4
NC_031021Salmonella phage MA12
NC_031026Salmonella phage phSE-2
NC_031042Salmonella phage NR01
NC_031045Salmonella phage GG32
NC_031065Salmonella phage vB_SnwM_CGG4-1
NC_031128Salmonella phage vB_SalM_PM10
NC_031129Salmonella phage SJ46
NC_031228Salmonella phage BP12C
NC_031250Salmonella phage BP63
NC_031258Salmonella phage BP12A
NC_031271Salmonella phage BP12B
NC_031902Salmonella phage 100268_sal2
NC_031918Salmonella phage 64795_sal3
NC_031924Salmonella phage IME207
NC_031925Salmonella phage BPS11Q3
NC_031930Salmonella phage 118970_sal1
NC_031933Salmonella phage 118970_sal2
NC_031939Salmonella phage BPS15Q2
NC_031940Salmonella phage 118970_sal3
NC_031946Salmonella Phage 103203_sal5