Lab Members

Lab Members

Andrew Millard  – PI

Tamsin Redgwell – PhD student

Tamsin is using cyanophage S-PM2 and Synechococcus WH7803 as a model system to further understand cyanophage-cyanobacterial interactions

Paul Sazinas ESPRC Fellow -Bridging the gap.

Paul is investigating the diversity of coliphages in cattle slurry and their role in the transfer of AMR genes.

Branko Rihtman ESPRC Fellow – Bridging the gap. Starts  Sep . 2016

Branko will be looking at the cost of phage and AMR resistance in E. coli .

Alex Wilcox ESPRC Fellow – Bridging the gap .Start Oct/Nov 2016

Alex will be developing synthetic phages to target antibiotic resistant bacteria.