Slawomir Michniewski

I have joined the lab in October 2016 as a NERC CENTA PhD student. During the course of my studies I will try to determine the role of bacteriophages in the transfer of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) genes between marine bacteria, specifically Vibrio spp. Bacteriophages will be isolated from various sea water samples and analysed for the presence of AMR genes, both known (via metagenomics analysis) and novel (functional metagenomics).

I have completed my MSc in Biotechnology at the Gdansk University of Technology in 2008 (Isolation and characterisation of Shewanella frigidimarina) and MSc in Molecular Biology at the Coventry University in 2015 (Isolation and characterisation of bacteriophage exhibiting biofilm depolymerase properties infecting Pantoea agglomerans). I have been always interested in bacteriophages and their interactions with host organisms, as such I am looking forward to next few years at the University of Warwick.