Research overview 

Research is based around understanding the interactions of bacteriophages with their hosts. Much of this research has focused on the marine environment using a model system of cyanophage S-PM2 and Synechococcus sp. WH7803 to understand how cyanophages interact with their host.

Whilst this research continues, we are not investigating the role of bacteriophages in other environments.


Current Collaborators

Prof Dave Scanlan University of Warwick – Cyanophage-Synechocococcusinteractions.

Prof Martha Clokie University of Leciester – Bacteriophage genomics, envrionmental Clostridium difficile genomics.

Dr Katrin Zwirglmaier Technische Universitat Munchen – Diversity of viruses in freshwater lakes.

Prof Paul Taylor University of Leeds – The Evolutionary Origins of Chemical Messengers in Humans

Dr Chrystala Constantinidou WMS – Bacterial genome Sequencing and 16S Microbiome Studies

Dr Dave Whitworth – Transcriptomic analysis of Myxococcus xanthus